People Who Don't Watch Game Of Thrones Complain About Workplace Harassment

August 07, 2017 Derek Allgood

Don't watch Game Of Thrones? Monday's at the office can be pretty annoying if you don't. Read the whole article from The Washinghton Post here. 

I personally think that all office banter should be outlawed. Is there a bigger waste of time than talking with coworkers about anything in your life. Not just what your favorite tv show is or what you did this weekend but ANYTHING. Coworkers don't give a shit about anything! Not about your kids, your summer plans, your goals in life, fantasy football lineups, tv show theories, political views, problems, worries etc. 

If you open up to a co worker and want a meaningful conversation or debate then you're an idiot. They are just waiting for the right moment to bow out of the conversation and get back on the internet where there real friends are. Where they can find people who share their same views. Where they can read articles that skew to their opinion. Where they can jump in threads and call people idiots for their views or thoughts. The internet man! That's where you go to talk about shit you like. Not to your coworkers. Those people hate you. They hate your kids and want you to fail. Hate to be harsh but it's just a fact. Coworkers are just assholes. 

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