Odell Beckham Jr Just Made Me Feel Better

August 21, 2017 Derek Allgood

 Back Story: The stupid ass eclipse is today and I'm currently in an all out war with my ex wife for allowing our daughter to wear my super duper strong sun glasses to take a peak.


Mannn yall trippin , where the eclipse at? Me n @bradwing9 can't find it no where!😂

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I know they aren't the solar glasses but I'm sorry, I think those glasses are full of shit. Now, Obviously I realize that she needed some eye safety glasses of some sort and after Dad stepping in and staring directly at the sun for a good 3-4 minutes, Luckily my Ray Bans worked beautifully but regardless  my ex wife and wonderful Co-Parent  was starting to make me feel like a real asshole for allowing this until I looked on the Internet and see OBJ looking directly into that bitch with ZERO protection. OBJ (even though he's a New York Giant) does no wrong. He knows that staring into the sun directly for 0-5 seconds is perfectly fine and my kid also had a concussion at an early age so maybe it's ok to do within the CTE community. I don't know, I don't work for Nasa but all I know is people give way too much respect to the sun.

Eclipse was a giant snooze fest by the way. Just hold your thumb over the sun and close one eye. You could see an eclipse everyday, BFD. 



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