Obese Girl Loses 110 Pounds & Refuses To Give Her Rude Crush Any Credit

July 24, 2017 Derek Allgood

NY Post -"Woman loses 110 pounds after crush called her fat"

Before I say anything at all, I just want to say that I do not intend to be rude in any way with this blog. I’m just looking for her crush to get a little, small, tiny bit of credit for helping motivate her to lose weight because it seems like she is in a way better place being skinny, I’m sure she always wanted to be skinny but just didn’t have any good ol’ (I’ll show this asshole) motivation in her life.

That was until her crush started being a dick. This kind of motivation just flat out works, Someone told Nard that he looked like a gross Uncle Fester ONE time on a chubby Facebook post like 3 years ago and Nard has been doing 2 a days ever since but it only works if you hate your life. I get called Chaz Bono at least 11 times a week and I don’t give a shit. That dude literally had surgery to be a guy and his surgeon thought I was the manliest looking guy on the planet. Boom, What a compliment to me.  

Kudos to this girl for losing 110 pounds, She must have been really big.


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