Highlight Of Nebraska's Football Season Happens Before Season Even Starts

August 21, 2017 Derek Allgood

 Hi, My name is Derek Allgood, I co host The BMS and I'm from Nebraska, I've been watching Husker football get their heads beat in for close to the last 20 years. Our glory days were the 90's just like The Cowboys, I had it made in the 90's besides still being white trash and fatherless but anyways,  It all started in the 2001 National Championship Game when The Miami Hurricanes ( 2001 Hurricanes were the greatest college football team ever assembled, Just look it up) MURDERED my Heisman Winning QB Eric Crouch and the entire state of Nebraska before the 2nd quarter even started. Ever since that game my team just hasn't been able to recruit the quality of athlete needed to play at the elite level. It is what it is. I commend head coaches like Mike Riley who know this season is gonna suck and will be fired soon. So they go out having a good time. 



He gave the whole team the day off to go along with Kendrick Lamar tickets for the entire team. Hell Ya. I mean screw what Alabama is doing or Ohio State, Fuck those guys.... I got i got i got i got loser inside my DNA. 5 win season on the horizon. NO DAYS OFF......Unless you suck.


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  • Dave

    Sep 05, 2017

    Everything Sports Related SUCKS MAJOR ASS in Miami #Heat #Gators #hurricanes

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