Mother of One Gives Mouth-Hug at Fast Food Place in the Middle of the Day

August 07, 2017 Derek Allgood

I love this story of a single mom going down on some guy who calls himself “Head Honcho” (his words) at some landscaping business and then whoever wrote the story wonders if this guy is the father to her son. Um, no. I’ve literally done zero research on this story and I can tell you immediately that this guy is not the father. Did I mention that she was giving him a mouth hug at 1p.m.? As in right after lunch.

I don’t want to shit all over this lady because obviously she is going through something. I mean you probably don’t blow some guy at the "Golden Arches" in the middle of the day unless your life is in shambles, and now to top it all off she has a warrant for her arrest because she failed to appear for this disorderly conduct. Hopefully she lets her kid live with the grandparents or something. What a pimp this guy is though.

Last thought on this story is that I bet this guy does a shitty landscape job. No way the guy who’s getting blown from a middle aged woman at a fast food place at 1p.m. keeps the hedges looking nice. I bet he has an electric weed eater. No chance he owns a blower so all those grass clippings are going to have to wait for a nice gust of wind to come by and blow that shit into the street. Just saying.

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