Man Has Discovered Something Else To Do With Their Weiners

July 24, 2017 Derek Allgood

Mashable-"You can now use a dick pic as a password. Why, god? Why."

 Where the fuck do I start? Why? Why? I would rather have every hacker ever steal my shit everyday before I would hold my penis up to some scanner that is more than likely just gonna tell me "Chip Failure" Re Insert over and over and over and over..... All I want is  simple passwords and every  damn chip reader in america destroyed. I mean can you imagine forgetting that you left your wallet at home the moment the Walgreen's cashier finishes scanning your Doritos and Advil, You don't want to look like a broke ass, So you have to pull your DICK out to pay for it?  I'd beat the shit out of myself!!! I give the "Future" a solid F on this project. Do better Geeks!


(And I know the title reads like i don't include myself as a wiener having man but whatever, I just don't want to be associated with these weird tech dick guys. That's why i distanced myself from them  mid way thru the title)

Image: camsoda

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