Lots Of Very Stupid People Are Online

August 30, 2017 Derek Allgood

 Let me preface this blog by coming clean and letting everyone know, I'm also very stupid. As you can probably tell if you read my blogs. Grammar and spelling are huge enemies of mine but I do pride myself on being street smart. Like I know what I should pay for an Ounce and shit like that. I also know that there is a whole lot of dumb stories/ tweets/ facebook posts that people take to heart and believe.

 Take this post for instance, 11k people have re-tweeted a post thanking Floyd Mayweather for donating 200 million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


  You gotta be a certified moron if you think Floyd is donating 200 million to anybody except The IRS. The post looks legit though, I mean it's even complete with a picture of Floyd sitting on his private plane overlooking the damage that has been caused while the pilot looks for a place to land so that Floyd can hand deliver the bag of cash. Give me a break people. Stop re-tweeting or falling for this dumbshit.

*Spoiler Alert* I also hate to break it to ya but No, Stone Cold Steve Austin is not going to be The Rock's running mate in the next election.


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