Lebron Might Beat Kyrie's Ass If He Sees Him

July 25, 2017 Derek Allgood

Bleacher Report - "LeBron James 'Tempted to Beat' Kyrie Irving's 'Ass,' Says Stephen A. Smith"

The Story about Lebron saying he would be tempted to beat Kyrie’s ass is laugh out loud funny. I half way believe it just because Kyrie is making The King look like a giant a-hole with this trade request he’s demanding. The report is that Kyrie doesn’t want to be Robin while Lebron is Batman any longer and that’s the problem with people imo. Everybody wants to be Batman. I personally am a Robin at my place of employment (BMS) and when it comes to my job and I can say that being Robin is badass.

I don’t have half the responsibilities that Batman (Billy) has and I still get all the glory. Nobody expects Robin to come thru and so when he does it’s a big deal. Nobody bothers you during the day. You don’t have to take a drug test or sit on conference calls or really answer to anybody except Batman, and Batman is so damn busy he doesn’t even realize that you’re just getting high and dicking off half the time. Being Robin is a beautiful thing and more people should appreciate it and not make Batman look like an asshole. Batman never forgets.


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