Joel Osteen Might Be An Asshole

August 30, 2017 Derek Allgood

 I'm sure everyone has heard the story about Lakewood's Mega Church Senior Pastor Joel Osteen by now. You know, The one where he was being an asshole and not taking in people who have been forced to flee their homes because of all the flooding Hurricane Harvey has brought to South Texas. 

 Well of course after all the backlash he's been recieving online they finally opened their doors and have begun sheltering people who need it. Today he went on a massive interview tour with all the Major TV networks to set the record straight and tell the world he's not a bad guy. Except I'm pretty sure he's not even at the Church. Check out the video below and I think you'll notice that his backdrop appears to be a green screen that is just running footage of people organizing donations. 



 Couple things about this video - 1. I don't even know if he is at the church. The footage clearly looks like a green screen and notice how he danced around the question about having a service this Sunday? He's gotten rich on his ability to speak to people and inspire them in the lowest of times, Why would he not do that now? Maybe because he hauled ass out of town and is scared shitless to show his face? Maybe.

2. Even if he is out of town, That's fine. If you had the ability to evacuate your family and make sure they are safe, No one can blame you for that one but to sit on National TV and try to position yourself like you are at the center of the disaster helping your community is just bullshit. 

 With that said, I don't know if he was on location and just doing his part from another room or not. He very well could of been and might just be laying low as a safety precaution. With all the backlash you know some weirdos have probably sent him some pretty nasty and threatening messages. If that's the case then I don't fault the use of the green screen. He just comes off so shady I can't help but wonder.


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