ESPN's Sergio Dipp Explodes Onto The Scene

September 12, 2017 Derek Allgood

 You just never know -man- You just never know. I'm sure most of you know Sergio Dipp by now and if  you don't, I highly doubt you clicked on this blog. Anyway - This guy just fucking exploded on the internet last night after a 30 second sideline update during The Chargers (Who fucking suck) against The Broncos. I watched it live and definitely laughed but I just chalked it up to ESPN budget cuts and the guy being a little nervous. I watched the rest of the game while leaving my phone on the charger and went to bed.


 I wake up this morning is this guy is the new King of the internet. Just blows my mind how incredibly tone deaf I'am to what's gonna be hot. I have no clue how this happens and that might be a bit of an issue considering I work in a business where you need to see this shit happening before it happens so that you can hop on board when it happens and ride the fucking wave. I'm so pissed at myself. 


Oh wait I lied, I did post something from the game that I thought was gonna be fire before charging my phone and missing out on the most happening thing online since the dumb ass eclipse. I thought this Ref falling on his face was gonna be pure RT gold but it was just shit. 



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