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July 28, 2017 Derek Allgood

This will be a daily blog with almost every link to the story we covered and videos. Also, you can download our podcast on Itunes,Just search "Billy Madison Show" and download our new app... IT'S FREE!

- @BMS_Derek

Shoplifter walks into his local shop stark NAKED and steals beers from the fridge in bizarre theft

Married people have the best sex according to a Psychologist

Woman demonstrates how she would Tracy Bear Hug 3 guys at the same time

Graph shows the jobs with the highest divorce rate. Careful if you’re married to a bartender

Dude takes bat to face over money

Threesome ends with people in the hospital

Amazon’s Alexa helps catch a burglar, Who turned out to be a 9 year old

Guy pulls out Samurai Swords during road rage incident

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