BMS Daily Links 08/01/17

August 01, 2017 Derek Allgood

Billy Madison show Daily Links blog. This is where you will find almost all the links from the days Live BMS. You can download our podcast here.

Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks gets 150 days in Jail

Iphone 8 leaks

Pregnant chick and her friends jump a woman

Bee attack leaves 1 dead and 2 injured

Police officer buys diapers for Mom trying to steal them

72 year old kills 17 copperhead with shotgun

Video of man's ghostly encounter at South Texas motel goes viral

Man arrested twice in one day completely naked

Salmon sperm is the new sun screen

Chicago Cubs gifts World Series Ring to Steve Bartman

HBO gets hit with major Cyber Attack, Game Of Thrones data leaked online

6 year old boy accused of setting two separate house fires

Airline passenger holding a baby reportedly punched trying to board plane




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