BMS Daily Links 7/31/17

July 31, 2017 Derek Allgood

Here are the links to the stories we covedred on the BMS today-

Former NFL Player Doesn't remember running through the glass door of an auto parts dealer, His wife blames CTE.

San Antonio Woman Arrested After Posting Revenge Porn

Sex Robot Is More Popular Than Real Hookers At Australian Brothel 

Shocker! Kris Jennar Is A Serial Cheater 

Turkey Basting Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant By 22%

Woman unexpectedly orgasm's in front of her sister, NSFW.

Chris Christie tells a Cubs fan off while cradling his chili cheese nachos 

Arizona State student receives unwanted dick pics, So of course she tracked down the guys mom to tell her.

Judge allows son to pick dad's punishment. 

Rogan Apologizes for interviewing a concussed DC 


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