Blac Chyna Has Top Shelf Side Boob

July 30, 2017 Derek Allgood

Happy to see Blac Chyna bounce back from this Revenge Porn Scandal with such class and elegance. Head held high while just absolutely killing it with the side boob. That's an A+ side boob. Just enough showing and with the posture and perkiness of a 19 year old. Kudos to you Blac Chyna. F*ck Bob Kardashian. 

This girl is so perfect, I can't even blame Bob Kardashian for being such a dumb shit. I would have fallen for her tricks every time. I still would. She could have told me exactly what her plan was and I still would give her a baby. I can't even blame Bob. Plus his sisters have had crazy amounts of sex with different guys and he grew up watching that. He didn't have a chance. 

  - @BMS_Derek

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